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Best Cat Litter for Allergies


One of the common chronic diseases in cats is allergies. It is often manifested by intense itching, licking, crusts, and skin irritation. Unfortunately, cats have no treatment for allergies. We can only maintain the overall health of the animal or try to find an allergen source and remove it from the life of a pet.

One of the possible causes of allergies can be a reaction to a cat litter. Many litters contain artificial scents that adversely act on the health of the pet. If you want to know how about litter allergies and to find out more about the best kitty litter for allergies - read this article.

Symptoms of allergies to litter

One of the main symptoms of the allergic reaction to the litter is the affect it has on the respiratory system. Due to irritation of the upper respiratory tract, sneezing and leaking from the eyes and nose are observed. Skin lesions and itching are also very common, especially in those areas with which the animal contacts the litter - the area of the groin, stomach, paws and tail. The cat can regularly lick these places, complicating the course of the disease.

Such symptoms can be acute - after the purchase of a new litter, or accumulative when an allergic reaction will not occur immediately.

What types of litter are dangerous?

Some components of the cat litter can cause allergies in both cats and in a person when it comes in contact with the skin. Silica, silicone and scented litters are especially dangerous, since the allergen content in them is much higher. In this case, cats may have such conditions as itching and peeling of the skin.

Most often, the problem is not in the absorbent material itself, but in the dust that forms from it in the air. The dust particles are often combined with chemical ingredients and artificial odors aimed to mask unpleasant smells.

Silica and clay litters often result in problems with respiratory system and eye allergies. If your pet is allergic to the litter, be sure stay away from the use of dusty litters that produce a lot of dust, namely paper, crystalline and zionite, clay litter.


How to treat cat allergic to cat litter? The simplest solution is the complete exclusion of the litter and monitoring the state of the animal. After that, it is necessary to clean the tray from dust without cleaning products, conduct a thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner at the site of the tray, and ventilate the room.

When the allergy symptoms are more severe, special drugs are used to relieve itching and inflammation. With pronounced respiratory symptoms it is effective to combine local rinsing of the nasal cavity with stabilizing of air humidity in the apartment.

The best cat litter for cats with allergies

One way to avoid allergies and other health problems is to switch to a hypoallergenic litter. As a rule, these natural cat litters are non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals, which make them a safer option for your cat. A traditional litter may contain harmful agents, additives and other chemicals that can cause breathing problems and skin irritation in cats.

So, what is best kitty litter for cats with allergies? The best that you can do for the health and well-being of your cat is to choose a biodegradable litter, which causes minimal dust formation. Such alternative litters are made of various materials, including corn, walnuts, wheat, and olive pits. They do not contain dust, absorb the liquid well and hold the ammonia smell inside the clumping granules.

In addition, the best litter for allergic cats will reduce the likelihood of allergies, because they do not contain artificial scents, toxins, and their components, which make them the safest for the health of cats.

One of the best litter for cat with allergies is Paco & Pepper, made of olive pits, which are a by-product obtained in the processing of olives. This litter contains only organic material that does not contain any chemical substances, artificial ingredients or toxic elements. This guarantees that our pets will remain unharmed, even if they accidentally swallow it.

In addition, this litter is ideal for sensitive pets and people who are allergic to cat litter, since it does not contain any dust. Conventional litters often cause allergic reactions due to their dusty nature, which leads to problems with the breath or irritation of the skin in pets. However, thanks its dust-free formula, Paco & Pepper cat litter prevents such problems and provides purity and freshness in the litter box.

Thus, this litter is not only safe for the health of the pet and does not contain dust, but is also completely suitable for those cats that suffer from allergies.

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