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Environmentally Friendly Cat Litter


Usually we do not really think about the importance of cat litter and its impact on the environment. However, the eco-friedly lifestyle is gaining more and more popularity since it involves a conscious choice of products and goods of daily use that do not harm nature. Therefore, the issue of buying environmentally friendly cat litter is increasingly arising.

What are the cons of traditional cat litter?

A clay-based cat litter is perhaps the most common (and, therefore, the most affordable and widely accessible) market choice, but it is not considered safe for the environment. In addition, silica is often added to clay, which forms dust. This dust can adversely affect the health of people and pets suffering from asthma and allergies. The dust that forms during the cleaning of the tray or using it by your cat can penetrate deep into the lungs and it will be difficult to remove, causing breathing problems and, in rare cases, lung cancer.

What is environmentally friendly kitty litter?

The best that you can do for the health and well-being of your cat is to choose a biodegradable cat litter. Alternative litters are made of various materials, including paper, corn, walnuts, wheat, wood, pine, olive pits and grass.

Litters corresponding to the principles of eco-fighting must comply with the following necessary requirements. They should not contain artificial flavors, toxins and their components. They should be made of renewable materials and have biodegradable granules that are ideal for composting.

The most environmentally friendly cat litter are safe for cat’s health, which is especially important when choosing products for allergic animals. Based on this characteristic, we selected several "green" fillers.


Previously, many cat owners used old newspapers, magazines and paper to fill the tray. Now you can find many ways on the Internet how to make paper granules with the addition of soap and soda. But you can choose ready-made litter, which is also made from secondary raw materials - processed paper. For this reason, this option is environmentally friendly and much lighter than all other types of litter. The paper granules used can simply be washed away into the toilet, which greatly facilitates care.


Another environmentally friendly and biodegradable litter is wood. For its production, no trees are cut down; only secondary wood raw materials are used without adding chemical additives. Wood granules absorb the liquid well and hold the smell. Such a litter can also be used for compost.


A huge advantage of the modern pet market is that you can choose a litter completely made of plant materials. For such a product, soybeans, corn, olive pits, or wheat is used. They do not contain dust, absorb the liquid well and hold the ammonia smell inside the granules. Such litter can not only be flushed down the toilet, but also used for composting.

The best environmentally friendly cat litter

One of the most environmentally friendly cat litter is Paco & Pepper. It is made of olive pits, which are a by-product obtained in the processing of olives. Thus, this litter is not only safe for the health of the pet and does not contain dust but is also completely suitable for secondary processing and re-use since it does not harm the environment.

Thus, we can conclude that the use of environmentally friendly flitters and their disposal has a lesser impact on the environment, reducing it to a minimum, and positively affecting the health of people and their furry friends.

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