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How long should cat litter last


Choosing the right cat litter plays an important role in maintaining a clean environment for your pet. Cat owners often wonder: how long does one bag of cat litter last? Let's look at the factors that affect the durability of the litter.

How long should a bag of cat litter last

The lifespan of a cat litter bag depends on its size, the amount manufacturers recommend filling the litter box, and the material the litter is made of. Typically, a standard-size cat litter bag will last 2-4 weeks for one medium-sized cat. Let's look at the duration of some litters.

  1. Clay litter: Packets of clay litter are considered one of the most economical and most often, with proper collection and care, one package lasts for 2-3 weeks. However, do not forget that such litters are very dusty, which can cause various respiratory diseases. The ingestion of such litter is very dangerous for cats, especially kittens.
  2. Silica gel litters: Silica gel crystal cat litters are known for their good absorbency. How long does such cat litter last? One bag of silica gel litter lasts for about a month, but such litters are significantly more expensive than their competitors.
  3. Natural plant-based cat litters. Plant-based litters, such as those made from corn, wheat or wood, provide an environmentally friendly alternative to other litters. These litters may last slightly less than silica gel clay litter. How long does a natural plant-based cat litter last? On average, a package of this litter lasts three weeks for a family with one cat.
  4. Paper litter. Paper-based litters made from recycled paper or newspapers are a biodegradable option with moderate absorbency. However, these litters require more frequent replacement because they do not fight odors as well as their competitors. How long should a bag of paper cat litter last? A bag of paper litter usually lasts one to two weeks for one cat.

If you have several cats, or your cat is a large breed, if you have very large litter boxes, one bag will last you for a shorter period of time. In addition, cats with underlying health problems require more frequent litter changes, which encourages litter consumption to occur more quickly.

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